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Is this a singles/speed dating event?2019-10-29T04:16:37+00:00

No, most definitely not; this event is an educational conference for single men and women (and for couples, including married people) who want to better understand themselves, learn more about the needs and motivations of the opposite sex, and discover the best tips on how to find “The One” in 2020. (You might also meet”The One” at the event! But this is not a “dating event” in terms of being designed for formal one-on-one introductions in the same way as a speed dating event.)

Are these types of events packed with desperate men and women?2019-10-29T04:16:46+00:00

Well that’s a rather cynical attitude, isn’t it? There’s nothing “desperate” about wanting to improve your chances of success, or wanting to get better at understanding your own motives and unconscious decisions that help attract people into your life. Our audience is not “desperate,” they are professional, motivated singles who believe in self-improvement, who are willing to invest some time and energy in their own personal development and relationship skills, and who have wonderful strengths to share with the world.

The simple answer is this: “would you prefer to meet someone who is dedicated to personally developing themselves and who is 100% serious about finding love and having a serious committed relationship?” Everyone who attends our events are serious, mature professional singles who are excited to meet great people and who are willing to do the work to make it happen. Or would you prefer to use Tinder, online dating, or just keep meeting the usual suspects in clubs and bars? Why not start 2020 on the right track by taking full control of your life? Start the New Year by being in the right environment with serious focused people who want to meet someone like you.

You’re guaranteed to have a great time and learn a lot at our event, and you might just meet some promising new people to date!


What time does this event start and end?2020-02-07T08:52:39+00:00

Doors will open at 8.45am and the event will start at 9:15am sharp (we strongly advise that you arrive early to confirm your seat, as we expect a packed event).

The event is an all-day conference and will end around 6pm.

Is this a singles event?2018-11-24T08:17:50+00:00

No,this inspiring event will give you new perspectives on how to have the relationship you want and how to understand yourself first.

I am in a relationship, so why should I attend?2018-11-24T08:17:08+00:00

Because this event will be a fun opportunity to make your current relationship even better! This event will provide you with several theories, strategies, exercises and proven ideas to help to improve yourself first and your relationship will automatically follow in a positive way.

I am thinking of bringing my partner, would this be a good idea?2018-11-24T08:16:41+00:00

Yes, most definitely!Our events have helped save marriages, prevent break-ups and re-connect relationships that they thoughtwere never going to work. Remember, if you both are willing to make adjustments and do whatever it takes – it will work out!

How do I go about speaking or exhibiting at this event?2019-04-16T04:24:55+01:00

We have some amazing packages to speak and exhibit, please check them out from here!

How do I get my free ticket and bonuses worth £497?2018-11-24T08:14:11+00:00

After booking your free ticket, you should have received communications from us by email and text; if you have not received these messages from us,  please call us on 01652 641 351 to confirm or open here so we can arrange for your ticket to be sent to you.

Will there be lunch available on the day?2018-11-24T08:13:02+00:00

Yes, lunch will be provided for our 25 VIP ticket holders – please open here for more information.

Do you have an event schedule?2018-11-24T08:12:14+00:00

At this stage we don’t have a finalised event schedule with exact times,but doors open at 8.30a.m. so please arrive early to guarantee a good seat and entry. We are still preparing the agenda and organising speakers. What we can tell you is that this will be an action-packed event with so much added value, as Des O’Connor and his team always over-deliver! There’s a reason why Des is an award-winning business expert, as he always holds packed out events and is an in-demand international speaker; he’s going back to his roots with the Dating and Relationship Conference and this will be a memorable day for everyone. Please stand by for more details once the event schedule is finalised.

Who else is speaking?2018-11-24T08:11:47+00:00

We are still in the process of confirming a few more speakers. As soon as contracts are signed, we will let you know who they are. Rest assured, all our speakers will be WORLD CLASS! Des and his team have a strong network of contacts with some of the most prestigious expert speakers in our industry, and we are working to finalise the details.


Will I be able to speak to Des and the speakers?2019-04-15T09:16:04+01:00

It depends on what level of ticket you purchase. Even though the tickets are free to attend the event, to be fair we have included some upgraded paying tickets which offer premium experiences and thousands of pounds of bonuses. For example, depending on your level of support, you can enjoy refreshments, lunch and receive massive digital bonuses valued at over £1000. Open here for more information.

I am interested in working with Des O’Connor on improving/starting my current brand/business.2018-12-01T05:19:04+00:00

Would you like to discover more about Des’sbusiness coaching program (“Become an Expert in 90 Days, Speak on Stage in the UK and Internationally”) and arrange a free consultation with Des? OPEN HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

I would like to contact Des O’Connor personally, how do I do this please?2018-12-01T05:19:55+00:00

Des would love to hear from you, and he is always looking to collaborate and improve people’s lives. To contact Des, please open here.

Who is Des O’Connor2018-12-01T05:20:28+00:00

Des O’Connor is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, and Founder of professional development seminars for Social Media Marketing and Women in Business. He creates, inspires and empowers Women Business Experts with coaching, consulting, and powerful marketing strategies.

Click Here For More Information.

When are your next events and how do I speak at them?2018-12-01T05:21:47+00:00

Des has several upcoming events scheduled and we are always looking for talented, qualified guest speakers!


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